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NSE Adds These State-Owned Biggies Under F&O Ban List on Oct 27
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NSE Adds These State-Owned Biggies Under F&O Ban List on Oct 27

Oct 27, 2022

Two stocks have been placed under the Futures and Options (F&O) ban list for trade by the National Stock Exchange on Oct 27, 2022. The two stocks under the F&O ban list on Thursday include the state-owned leading engineering and manufacturing giant Bharat Heavy Electricals (NS:BHEL), and the state-owned lender Punjab National Bank  The two securities have exceeded 95% of the market-wide position limit (MWPL), thereby banned for trade under the futures and options segment in the day, and shall continue remaining on the list until their positions fall below 80% While on the Futures and Options ban list, no new/fresh F&O positions can be bought or sold for the stock(s), else that trader gets penalised. Traders with existing positions in that security can unwind their positions. NSE Adds These State

Moreover, The Market-Wide Position Limit is Set By The Stock ExchangesThe NSE directs all clients/members to trade in the derivative contracts of the aforementioned securities only to decrease their positions through offsetting positions The leading stock exchange updates the list of securities in the F&O ban for trade every day.

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